Flags of the World (I)

Name & image of flag



India flag

  • VERSION 1 of India flag (1921)
  • VERSION 1 was first designed by Pingali Venkayya (freedom fighter)
  • It was a tricolour with 3 horizontal bands of red (for the Hindus), white, and green (for the Muslims)
  • The spinning wheel (used to spin khadi into yarn) symbolized Gandhi’s aim of making Indians self-reliant

  • VERSION 2 of India flag (1931)
  • The red was replaced by saffron
  • The green was replaced by India green
  • The white was used to represent the other religious communities and peace between these communities

  • VERSION 3 of India flag (1947-present)
  • The current version of the India flag was adopted at a Constituent Assembly meeting on 22 Jul 1947
  • It became the official India flag on 15 Aug 1947

Italy flag
  • In 1789, the cockade of Italy (or 'coccarda italiana tricolore' in Italian) first appeared in Genoa
  • In 1794, the cockade of Italy was worn by students who tried to topple the Catholic government of Bologna
  • The cockade of Italy was regularly pinned on jackets or hats by Italian patriots during the Italian unification or Risorgimento (1848-1871)
  • Giuseppe Compagnoni (Italian constitutionalist, writer, and journalist) is considered the father of the Italy flag

  • Flag of the Kingdom of Italy defaced with the arms of Savoy and crown (1861-1946)

  • Flag of the Italian Republic(1946-present)

  • Italy was a kingdom ruled by the House of Savoy until 1946
  • An institutional referendum (republic or monarchy?) was held on 2 Jun 1946
  • 54.27% voted for a republic
  • 45.73% voted for a monarchy
  • The Italian Republic was formally proclaimed on 6 Jun 1946
  • The Italy flag was adopted on 18 Jun 1946

  • Ballot paper for referendum in German-speaking parts of Italy