Flags of the World (C)

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China flag
  • On 4 Jul 1949, the 6th Working Group of the Preparatory Committee of the New Political Consultative Conference (PCNPCC) created a notice to submit national flag designs
  • Inspired by observing how stars shine in the night sky, Zeng Liansong came up with a flag design

    Zeng Liansong

  • On 27 Sep 1949, Zeng Liansong’s modified design was selected unanimousy by the 1st Plenary Session of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC) and the China flag was adopted
  • On 1 Oct 1949, the China flag was officially unveiled by Mao Zedong in Tiananmen Square (Beijing)

    Mao Zedong

Cuba flag
  • Narciso López was a Venezuelan-born adventurer known for his expeditions aimed at liberating Cuba from Spanish rule in the 1850s

    Narciso López
  • In 1849, Narciso López designed a flag that his troops carried and this flag later became the Cuba flag
  • In Apr 1869, the Cuba flag was designated the national banner by the Congress of the Republic of Cuba
  • On 20 May 1902, Cuba officially became an independent republic
  • The Cuba flag was officially adopted on 20 May 1902

  • The Cuba flag was a model for the Puerto Rico flag that was adopted in 1892 by the Puerto Rican Revolutionary Committee

  • Puerto Rico flag