Flags of the World (G)

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Germany flag
  • From the mid-19th c., there has been 2 competing TRADITIONS of national colours for Germany:

    TRADITION 1: Black, red, and gold
  • Post-WWI Weimar Republic (1919-1933)
  • East Germany (1949-1959)
  • West Germany (1949-1990)
  • Germany after reunification (1990-present)

  • TRADITION 2: Black, red, and white
  • The North German Confederation (1867-1871)
  • The German Empire (1871-1918)
  • Nazi Germany (1935-1945)

Ghana flag
  • The etymology of 'Ghana' means 'Strong Warrior King'
  • The Ashanti Empire (1701-1957) was an empire, mainly based on the trade of gold and slaves, in what is now Ghana

  • Kente, made of handwoven cloth, strips of silk, and cotton, is from Ghana

  • Kente