Dr. Melvin Chen


Digital rain (js).

Deepfake video (Python).


Philosophy resources.

LaTeX starter kit.


Medical AI project website.

This website.


Digital rain.

Chess-playing program.

Adapted from Zhang Zeyu's GitHub source code (see this link: https://github.com/zeyu2001/chess-ai)

Chatbot program.

Adapted from George Dunlop's code for ELIZA (see this link: http://psych.fullerton.edu/mbirnbaum/psych101/eliza.htm)

Google Apps Script

DesCartes WP7 (Hybrid AI) Statistics.

Waste Not, Want Not Hall 8 Community Service Project Statistics.


Causal calculator.

GitHub repository (see this link: https://github.com/Melvinchen0404/Causal-calculator)

Sudoku problem-generator and solver.

GitHub repository (see this link: https://github.com/Melvinchen0404/Sudoku-problem-generator-solver)

Natural language processing tools.

Tokenization (see this link: https://github.com/Melvinchen0404/NLP/blob/main/tokenization.ipynb)
POS (Part-of-speech) tagging (see this link: https://github.com/Melvinchen0404/NLP/blob/main/pos_tagging.ipynb)
Parsing (see this link: https://github.com/Melvinchen0404/NLP/blob/main/parsing.ipynb)
Text vectorization and sentiment analysis (see this link: https://github.com/Melvinchen0404/NLP/blob/main/text_vectorization_and_sentiment_analysis.ipynb)
More sentiment analysis (see this link: https://github.com/Melvinchen0404/NLP/blob/main/sentiment_analysis.ipynb)
Machine translation (see this link: https://github.com/Melvinchen0404/NLP/blob/main/machine_translation.ipynb)

Deepfake video.

Adapted from Python code by Aliaksandr Siarohin

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